The Darkening Plain

by Transmaniacon



The heavy duty, heavy doomey 70's hard rock influenced sci fi concept album from Transmaniacon.
Transmaniacon take the blueprint and soundworld laid down by Bloodrock, Mountain, Steppenwolf, Blue Oyster Cult and Alice Cooper, and add a hefty slab of dark doom, hard riffs, punk attitude and stoner metal to ramp it up for the 21st century.
The vibe is steeped in 70’s rock, but the sound is definitely ‘NOW’
From the Sabbathian sludge of ‘City Of Chaos’ to the Dead Kennedy-esque ‘An Eye For An Eye’ and the stoner moves of ‘Chasing The Insane’ the album is shot through with twists and chock full of riffs.
This is hard rock at its hardest and heaviest set against an expansive post apocalyptic backdrop.

Nothing encapsulates the cinematic darkness more than the album opener, which grafts a progressive approach to hard rock and doom.
‘Quintessence of Dust’ is a 24 minute monolithic mindfuck of epic proportions, the now completed score to the stillborn science fiction horror story possibly.
An intense listen that features the spoken word talents of punk poet Lydia Lunch, and as the album’s opener; it’s also a pretty bold statement of intent.
‘Quintessence Of Dust’ is a grim eco warning, a tale of alien invasion and payback time for a future Earth’s corpulent consumerism, rampant waste and self centred greed.
A hideous flesh and metal robot army, hybrid humans inadvertently created by man himself, invade, take over and consume the Earth.
“Even in the most gruesome horror and far beyond the setting sun.
Everything dies, dust to dust” says Lydia Lunch.
And she’s right.
It’s sonic Armageddon, a six movement riff-fest that musically shifts
through doom, organ fuelled groove outs, psychedelic electronica, hard rock and metal, to an exhilarating ‘Boston meets The Who’ style power chord ending.

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released May 15, 2014

Produced by Ant Chapman



all rights reserved


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